Historically in Iran, a country where criticism often results in severe consequences and even death, poetry becomes the perfect vehicle for freedom of expression. Using subtle metaphors and double-entendres, poets become the voice of the silent masses, and in turn are transformed into national heroes. While in the West Michelangelo's and Picasso's were revered, in the East we recited Rumi's and Khayyam's by heart, admiring the delicate beauty woven into Persian rugs and tiles. Although unheard of in the west, when the poet 'Ahmad Shamlou' passed away, thousands of people showed up to mourn at his funeral.

While paying tribute to Iran's national heroes, these paintings are my homage to the free, unshakable soul of poets, and more specifically of a great source of inspiration for me, the poems of 'Forough Farokhzad', Iran's iconic feminist.

All photos in the 'Saint Poet' series are courtesy of Alfonso Corona.


Oil, Acrylic, Imitation Gold Leaf, Charcoal, Pen, Mineral Pigment on Canvas

18" x 36"x 1/2" inches